NBA Shooting By the Numbers

Though there may not be a team in Seattle today, we can still relive the glory days of the past.  That’s exactly what Best Tickets did by putting together an article on NBA shooting since 1980.

They broke down team shooting for the past 33+ years and provided statistical figures for 3-point shots, 2-point shots, and free throws.  They provide some great visualizations through line charts that show how the NBA has significantly increased the percentage of 3-point shots per game from a low of 23.80% in 1983 to a high of 36.7% in 1996 (when the line was temporarily moved in,) again in 2009 and has plateaued over the past few years, currently sitting at 35.8%.

3 Percents

There’s a lot more information readily available and you can even download the entire file of statistics that they built the report off of.  So make sure to check it out and learn a little bit more about the shooting tendencies of the NBA!