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Steve Ballmer Talks About His Bid For The Sacramento Kings

We finally got to hear Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer talk about his bid for the Kings as it came as a little surprise. Back at We Day at Key Arena, he spoke there too but didn’t speak about the NBA even though his pal Magic Johnson did.

Steve Ballmer commented on the Kings/Sonics saga at Thursday’s A PLUS Youth Program luncheon when he spoke with reporters.

Part of the Seattle group headed by Chris Hansen, Ballmer said, “We’ve got our fingers crossed, Chris Hansen’s worked really, really hard, and, I think, really intelligently.  Seattle’s got a great bid, we’ve got a great arena plan, I think we have the better arena plan.   We’ve got a good offer, it’s been accepted by current owners, we’ve got a great market, it seems like they’ll never be a better opportunity, but it’ll be up to the NBA owners.”

When you listen to what Steve Ballmer had to say, I felt like he felt a bit uncomfortable talking about it but was very excited at the same time. He was smirking the whole time as he talked to the reporters which comes as no surprise as he’s a huge NBA fan and a pretty crazy one at that according to this report which is a few years old: http://thesunbreak.com/2009/12/09/metro-league-tuesday-steve-ballmer-inadvertantly-spits-on-me/

This is quite hilarious, as he’s a pretty wild guy and when he speaks about something he’s passionate about it’s very entertaining. That’s something the NBA Relocation committee got to witness back in early April when Steve Ballmer concluded their meeting by ending it on a very passionate speech. He was fired up heading into the meeting and was still fired up after it was over as well.

One thing I thought was great was when during the charity auction Steve Ballmer auctioned of a hat, and just some guy named Chris Hansen bought it for $25,000. These two guys sure love to spend money!

If you want to listen to Steve Ballmers’ comments here is the video : http://www.king5.com/sports/Steve-Ballmer-comments-on-KingsSonics-situation-204739931.html

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