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Should Sonics Fans Be Worried?

The Sacramento Kings Saga has been a long one for both Kings and Sonics fans. This all began in January when the team was sold to Chris Hansen and Steve Ballmer. NBA fans in Seattle have been very excited ever since then. There is just one man who is stopping this from happening and that man is Kevin Johnson. He is still fighting for his city to keep it’s beloved NBA franchise. It truly does help their case when David Stern is doing everything in his power to stop the move to Seattle. This is where all of Sonics Nation is feeling a bit irritated yet again.

This is when we need to let Chris Hansen do his job, when he’s had to step up to the plate he’s answered time and time again during this process. One thing for sure is that he’s told us this from the start that this will be a long process and that we’re going to need to be patient. Less than a year since the Arena Deal was reached, Hansen was able to purchase a franchise. This speaks to how dedicated he is on bringing the NBA back. There is just one issue, both cities are fairly even and NBA Owners are split on this decision at the moment, which does help out Sacramento.

The Seattle ownership group has the money and resources to be very successful in the NBA. There has been conflicting reports on whether or not the Sacramento group is willing to cough up enough cash to match the offer or not. Just having billionaires doesn’t solve their problem, you need guys willing to put in a lot of their money into this. It seems this could be a problem for their group, which is not a concern for the Hansen-Ballmer group.

I’m not too sure what the end resolution is going to be in the next few weeks, but one thing is for sure is that whether it’s next season or not the NBA is going to return to Seattle. Steve Ballmer and Chris Hansen aren’t just going away, they’ll continue to try and move another franchise if their unsuccessful. One solution for this may end up being Expansion, as everyone knows it’s been said that it’s not an option. That may be true at the moment, but I believe it’s going to come into play and be discussed very soon. There is truly no reason why we can’t have a positive outcome for both cities.

We need to stay patient and trust in Chris Hansen. He’s proved to be a great leader for this group and continues to impress this city. Trust in Chris!

That is all for now, and we’ll be sure to keep you updated as this situation continues to develop in upcoming weeks!

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