Seattle Supersonics Revival: Kings Being Sold To Chris Hansen, Says Report

The Maloof family is in the final stages of selling the Sacramento Kings to a Seattle based investment group, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports!

He goes on to tweet that it has not yet been finalized but it is as close to done as it can be.  The deal would make it so the team could file for relocation by the March 1st NBA deadline and play as early as next season in Seattle.

Chris Hansen has already gone through great lengths to get a city to Seattle. He has bought the land in the SoDo district near Safeco Field and Century Link where the other major professional teams play. He also has gone through legal measures by getting the building of a new arena and the relocation of a team to Seattle approved by both the City of Seattle and King County.

He now will finalize this deal and get approval from the NBA to bring Seattle back an NBA team. There is rumors that he will also look to take back the “SuperSonic” name and history for this new team. However, the NBA might have something to do with that decision.

It looks like the Supersonics are coming back and Hoopless (no more) in Seattle will be your #1 destination for all things Sonics.

This is a great day for the city of Seattle and the NBA! Cross your fingers!

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  • Patrick Allen

    This is great news.

    • Josh Hill

      It’s a tough thing to root for. On the one hand I’m elated for Sonics fans, but on the other hand they’re basically doing to Sacramento what Oklahoma City did to them. Plus, Sacramento’s fan base was one of the only fan bases to come to Seattle’s aid and give them a shoulder to cry on. It’s kind of like “thanks for helping us get through that trying time, now give us your team” haha

      • Patrick Allen

        Bittersweet. Always terrible when a city loses a team.

      • 12thMan_Rising

        I completely agree. It’s really tough. on one hand I’m excited to get my team back. On the other hand I feel terrible for Kings fans.

        • Patrick Allen

          Too bad it couldn’t have happened through expansion.

          • 12thMan_Rising

            I know that Seattle fans would have preferred that. Taking another city’s team in order to get our’s back was never the road we wanted to take.