Predrag with the sweet moves on Yao Ming. Predrag is actually 6'11.

Today In Sonics History: A Trade!

In 2003 the Seattle SuperSonics traded Predrag Drobnjak to the Los Angeles Clippers for a second round pick (number 35 overall). The Sonics selected Texas Tech guard Andre Emmett , who they traded to Memphis on draft day for a 2005 2nd round pick (Andre Emmett played 28 minutues total in the 2004-2005 season, and then wasn’t in the NBA until this last year. He resurfaced with the New Jersey Nets and played 45 minutes). The Sonics ended up taking the French Sensation that is Mickael Gelabale with that pick that they obtained. Essentially the Sonics traded Drobnjak for a roster spot for 1 season and Mickael Gelable. And you know what? Pretty good trade!

Drobnjak started most of the season at center for the Sonics. He stood 6-11 and in the 2002-2003 season averaged 9.4 points and 3.9 rebounds without missing a game What’s interesting to me is that one of his most similar players (according to is Vladamir Stepania who was also a Sonic. Infact, Stepania and Drobnjak missed each other by 1 full season, and I’m not sure if I could tell you which one is which. I very easily could be getting them mixed up in my head! Surprisingly neither of them are on Twitter, nor have they been tweeted about recently.

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