Yes it does.

About Hoopless in Seattle, a New Sonics Blog

This is the newest FanSided Sonics Blog, and I think we have a unique opportunity to tell a history of a team that we all so deeply love while looking forward into the future of the franchise. I grew up with the NBA being my first love. In elementary school when kids would read magazines, I read basketball almanacs. Before I had the internet I used to come up with my own scouting reports on NCAA players, and keep my own draft notes. In 5th grade instead of playing in the sand or water in Hawaii, I stayed at the hotel and watched the NBA Draft.  Obsession would have been a nice way to put it, frankly, I was a little weird.My earliest Sonics memory is when I was nine years old going to the game in April of 1993 when Shawn Kemp scored 26 and Dana Barros exploded for 17 points.  When Barros left that offseason to sign in Philadelphia I was devastated, however once I saw Kendall Gill I forgot all about Barros (until he dropped 50 on Houston).

I remember listening to the radio when George Karl suggested that the fans count seconds when Karl Malone was at the charity stripe. I remember being at game 7 when the Sonics advanced to the NBA Finals to face the Bulls. I remember the exact moment when I realized we weren’t going to beat them, and I remember the day we traded Shawn Kemp.Recently I worked in a high school, I had to substitute in a Photography Class and some of the kids were watching a “Top 10 Blake Griffin Dunks” video on YouTube. They said that he dunks like “Vince Carter but bigger and meaner” or “Dwight Howard, but he doesn’t care what you think”. I told them that if they wanted to see dunking with authority, to watch Shawn Kemp. These kids didn’t know of the Reign Man and his dunks, they didn’t know about his high flying dunks. They didn’t know Shawn Kemp was the best dunking big man ever (in my opinion).  Kids in high school today were born between 1994-1999. Shawn Kemp was traded in 1997, of course they don’t know he is.

Yes it does.

We don’t have a team, we don’t have a way of flashing back to 1995 the way the Mariner’s can. We can’t flashback to 1991 like the University Of Washington can, we don’t have that avenue. I believe we can create that avenue.

I firmly believe that this site should be about the past Sonics, all of them. As well as the past Sonics coaches, assistant and head. The stories that I’m too young to know about, and the stories today’s youth doesn’t know about. However, I really want to glance into the future too. What Hoopless In Seattle is NOT about is looking at other teams thinking they may move here. You will never see us follow (name an NBA franchise in a small market here) thinking that they may move. I remember when Oklahoma City Blogs started following the Sonics thinking they could get them. Made me sick.

What we will do is follow individual NBA players who played in for the Sonics, and players from the Seattle region. What we will do is talk about those who call(ed) Seattle their home, and are proud of this amazing region. What we will do is share stories, opinions and have a safe place to talk about basketball past and present. We are going to have a team soon, and Chris Hansen is going to be one of the best, and most passionate owners in professional sports. Let’s get excited, as soon we will again have Hoops in Seattle!

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